Dr. Matthew Morris

Dr. Morris graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. Before Palmer, Dr. Morris completed his prerequisites for chiropractic school at the University of Illinois. He became interested in structural chiropractic while in chiropractic school. Dr. Morris had the privilege of serving on a chiropractic mission trip to Fiji. While in Fiji, he helped hundreds of children and adults that did not have access to any type of regular healthcare.

Dr. Morris has a passion for sharing this unique approach to healthcare with Sarasota and the surrounding communities. His true passion lies with helping kids and families get their health back on track in a natural way.

While an Illinois native, he has been visiting the Sarasota area for 15 years before deciding to move here permanently.  Dr. Morris enjoys spending his free time fishing, being with family, and doing anything that involves being outdoors. Dr. Morris is happily married to his beautiful wife Rebekah and has a daughter Gwyneth.