Why Won’t My Baby Stop Crying?

A crying baby is one of the worst things a mother wants to hear. Babies cry to communicate that they need something or something is not right. When a mother tries feeding the baby, changing them, singing to them, rocking them, and nothing seems to help; it leaves the mother stressed and feeling helpless. This can take a toll on the mother, especially when they are told that they just have a colicky baby and they have to just deal with it. In this article I want to explain what it could mean if your baby won’t stop crying and how Neuro-Structural Chiropractic care can help a colicky baby.

Could colic be caused by a structural shift?

A structural shift of the spine occurs when some sort of force shifts the spine from its natural and normal alignment. A newborn is very prone to a structural shift of the spine due to the undeveloped musculature to protect the alignment. There are two ways a structural shift can occur. It can occur from a force that is strong enough to shift the spine from its natural and neutral position or from a repetitive force in a constrained or abnormal position.

This structural shift, especially in a newborn and baby, can have huge effects on the nervous system. When a structural shift occurs, it can cause neurological obstruction or blockages in the communication between the brain and body. This leads to stress on the nervous system and thus stress on the body of the baby.

A colicky baby that won’t stop crying is often a sign that a structural shift has occurred and is causing neurological obstructions or stress on the nervous system. There are a few signs that there is stress on the nervous system. These signs include but are not limited to: a loud piercing cry, flexed legs, tensed abdominal muscles, clenched fists, and excessive/uncontrollable crying.


Could the birth process be responsible?

The birth process could be the cause of your baby’s structural shift of the neck. No matter how natural the birth process is, it still adds strain on the spine of an infant. Add in any intervention (bed rest, induction, augmentation, Pitocin, antibiotics, epdurals, continuous fetal monitoring, manual traction, vacuum/forceps/C-Section delivery, ICU, etc. ) and your baby’s spine and the system it protects, the nervous system, are effected.


The nervous system is the master controller of the body. It controls everything the body perceives and controls/regulates every process in the body. Any pressure on the nervous system, especially in the upper cervical spine (top of the neck/base of the skull), can be detrimental to a baby’s health, growth, and development.

Can Neuro-Structural Chiropractic care help?

There are many chiropractic case studies that show chiropractic care has excellent results with helping babies with colic. One study showed that 94% of babies receiving chiropractic care had an improvement of symptoms associated with colic. Another study showed an improvement in crying behavior and reduced hours spent crying compared to parents that just tried to wait out to colic.


Our goal is not to treat the colic. Our goal is to assess the baby for a structural shift of the spine that could be contributing to the colicky symptoms. If a structural shift is found, a gentle correction is made to the spine. This removed obstruction to the nervous system and allows it to function properly.

Of course, a detailed consultation is needed to see if neuro-structural chiropractic care is needed. In the consultation, we find out as much information about the mother’s pregnancy and birth experience as possible. After the consultation, an examination is performed to find the structural shifts. The exam involves observing the baby for asymmetries in their structure and function and assessing the overall tone of the body. Neurological tests and findings will indicate if any obstruction to the nervous system is present and how severe it is.

There are natural, safe, and effective options out there for your baby. If you have tried everything and your baby will not stop crying, have them examined by a neuro-structural chiropractor that is trained in pediatrics. Colic can be an indicator of a neuro-structural problem. If the underlying cause of the colic is covered up with medication or other treatment, the problem will still remain and could show up later in the baby’s life.

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