Adaptability, How Well Does Your Body Adapt to Stress?

The definition of adaptability is the ability to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. When we look at the word adaptability and how it relates to stress, the definition is how well your body adjusts to different stressors in its environment. Health is all about adaptability. When our bodies cannot adapt properly to different stressors from the environment, break down/sickness/disease occurs. In this article I would like to discuss how adaptability affects our health and how neuro-structural chiropractic care can help us adapt better to our environment.

Adaptability and the nervous system

Dr. Hans Selye, a pioneer of modern stress research, explains that our ability to adapt to stress is managed by our nervous system. We are naturally born with a wide range of adaptability, but as time progresses and we are exposed to more and more stressors, the body’s range of adaptability becomes more narrow.

Think of a ship sailing through a storm. The storm is the stress. The ship needs to withstand the wind, rain, waves, etc. In other words, it needs to adapt to the weather change. If the stressors are too powerful, the ship will sink.

Often times we may be aware that our ship (body) is struggling to stay afloat. The secondary conditions or symptoms that we are experiencing are warning signs that something is not right. The underlying problem is that we are not adapting properly. The symptoms may be pain or high blood pressure, but the underlying cause is the constant stressor put on the body.


Adaptability and neuro-structural chiropractic

A neuro-structural shift occurs when the normal alignment of the spine shifts into an abnormal position or alignment. This abnormal structural alignment causes decreased motion of your spine, which then leads to altered function of your nervous system. In other words, the neuro-structural shift is a constant stressor put on your body.


Your body’s resistance to stress can only last so long before it becomes fatigued and exhaustion sets in. Your body is no longer able to adapt to that stressor. This results in your body expressing secondary conditions or symptoms. Neuro-Structural shifts of the spine can lead to secondary conditions like chronic pain, chronic fatigue, disc issues, and decreased immune function.

As a neuro-structural chiropractor, I focus on removing the neuro-structural shifts of your spine. We direct your body’s spine back towards its normal, natural alignment. This allows the body and nervous system to function better and to adapt to its environment better.

How can we measure adaptability?

In our office we use technology that measures the autonomic Operating System or aOS. Think of your autonomic Operating System (aOS) as the equivalent of your apple product’s operating system iOS. Your aOS controls and regulates everything within your body.

Our technology measures the function of this system. When this system is low, this means that your body is unable to adapt to stressors properly and that you are headed for poor health and different secondary conditions. If you aOS is high, this means that it is adapting properly and that you are headed towards a healthier state.


We continually evaluate this aOS throughout the process of your care. When we get this aOS functioning correctly, we often see many secondary conditions reduce in severity and even disappear. I hope this article opened your mind to thinking of your health as your body’s ability to adapt. Our bodies are amazing structures and are capable of self-healing or self-adapting, we just have to remove the stressors and increase the function.

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