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Pinnacle Chiropractic is a neuro-structural health center based in Manatee County Florida. We are a pediatric and family wellness practice that focuses on the overall health of your family. Pinnacle Chiropractic serves residents from Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and the surrounding communities. Sarasota Chiropractor Dr.Morris has a passion for serving children, pregnant women, families, and adults. Please use our website as a learning tool. We want to educate the public about the benefits of neuro-structural chiropractic care and health.

Our goal is to find the source of your problem and correct it. If we are unable to find the source of your problem then we will gladly refer you out to someone who can. We do not believe in patching something. You will only find corrective care here. We understand some may be looking for a quick patch and that is ok. We will refer you to a trusted professional who can help with that approach.

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Our Approach

Learn what separates us from most chiropractors in the area and how it can benefit your family.

Pregnancy & Kids

Our office uses state of the art care that is safe, gentle, and very effective for children of all ages and expecting mothers.

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I have struggled with weekly to sometimes daily headaches for over 15 years. After a couple of visits, I was headache free and have been headache free since! Dr. Morris is a Life Saver!


Dr. Morris is very professional and truly cares for his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their health back!


Dr. Matt has literally changed the health of our entire family. In the past, when one kid would get sick, our whole family would end up with it. Now our family rarely gets sick! I cannot believe how much better our immune systems are functioning thanks to Dr. Matt.


My husband and I took our daughter to see Dr. Matt after meeting him at an event. She had speech development issues. We were a little skeptical about how chiropractic could help her. After the consultation and exam we knew we were in the right place! She went from saying 4 or 5 words to saying 15 or more different words within a few weeks! We can’t thank Dr. Matt enough!


Our son was scheduled to have tubes put in his ears due to his chronic ear infections. We were afraid to go the surgery route and our friend told us about Dr. Matt and how he could help. Not only did our son avoid surgery, but he has also been ear infection free since beginning care with Dr. Matt.


I couldn’t believe how gentle Dr. Matt and his adjustments were. I was fearful of having my neck cracked and am thrilled to have found a chiropractor who doesn’t do that!


Would you like to talk to Dr. Morris about your health concerns? At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we believe a consultation is a conversation, NOT a commitment. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation for a review of your health history and to find out if Pinnacle Chiropractic can help!